Pimp my privy

In august, my housemates and I moved into a new place a few blocks over (I love my neighborhood too much to move too far away). Now that everybody is flocking back to the house with summer activities coming to an end it’s time to start giving this house a personal touch. I’ve done some basic stuff in my own room, but that’s nowhere near to coming together so I’m pretty much cosy camping with christmas lighting up there until I find the courage to put in my wooden floors.

In the meantime I finally took on the (pretty much nauseating, I’ll spare you the before-pictures) challenge of cleaning one of the bathrooms and thought that on top of cleanliness-at-last, it deserved some upgrading. So with my love for lettering surfacing after the painting I did for my father’s birthday I decided to tackle two problems at once :  alerting privy-visitors of the fact that this toilet tends to be a bit of an overenthusiastic in the flushing department and ooohhh to make it pretty too!


Aha, a porcelain throne worthy of its name!





4 pressed wood planks, white acrylic paint, black ink, 50x40cm

I found this quote somewhere on a blog a while ago, it immediately made me think of someone who’s birthday just happened to be this Saturday. So I took the words to the drawing board and made my own little interpretation. Boom! Birthday gift.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!


Tomorrow I have to get up early (ok at 7, but still, it’s almost 4 now). I really should be sleeping, not taking a picture and writing a post on this but LOOK!
I made pretty!

Bathroom wall
From this night forward, this is the first thing you see here when getting out of the shower ^^ yay.

Who needs a mirror in their bathroom when you’ve got this, right?

Sunday lettering

Getting up on Sunday morning gets awfully difficult for me. Probably since Sunday mornings tend to take place pretty soon after Saturday nights ^^. By consequence I usually stay in bed and lounge about all day, but today I had something else to do. After an hour of sleepy public transportation I arrived at RITS café, a freshly redecorated bar here in Brussels, where I redid the lettering above the bar.

to my left – before     to my right – after
inbetween – me trying very hard to keep focus

Afterwards I went out for spaghetti, got home from my busy weekend and took a genuine Sunday style nap.

Day well spent!


DCP – Creatieve opdracht 2 – doe dingen waar u u goed bij voelt

Because of love and Christmasiness

I typo-pimped a tricycle for Yelena, my godchild!

I had searched for weeks before I found this old style trike just in time to still be able to put some paint on it. I was so happy to see she really liked it! Even though she’s barely 2 years old, she climbed on there herself and tried to paddle her way through the living room as soon as we’d unwrapped it ^_^!

Happy holidays!

It reads ‘Nenas very first bicycle’

(I got a lot of inspiration from the Friends of Type website)

Azra & Crisp

Azra & Crisp

A wedding invitation I did for a couple of friends arrived in my mailbox about a week ago. Yeey! Visiting Paris for Offf I hadn’t found the time to upload a decent picture of it yet, especially since I had to edit the dates/location/etc. for uploading..

The print turned out nice and crisp, it arrived inside a simple brown card with a ribbon tied around it, very cute, but I couldn’t keep myself from cutting it some soft corners for effect ^^.

All the best to the soon-to-be-weds!

And love, of course, lots of it.