I ♥ Charlie!

Pixelpanda made a new animated gif in her Charlie Delta series! And I’m in it! Yay!

Answering all the big questions at night

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Drumrolls, curiosity and overall excitement!

A book by the name of ‘bing‘ is soon to be, bringing you the work of the illustration/comic design students at Sint Lukas Brussels, including some of my own work!

The birth of ‘bing’ comes with an expo taking place from the 18th of may ’till the 20th of june at the BCB (Belgisch centrum van het beeldverhaal, Zandstraat/Rue des Sables n°20, 1000 Brussels).
There will be a lot of original sketches, some sweet prints, but most importantly a great taste of freshly brewed new talent on display.

The 80-page book, published by ‘Oogachtend‘, costs € 12,00.

I hope to see some of you soon at the opening of our exhibition on the 19th of may at 18h30…

Some of the exhibiting artists: Stefaan Van Hyfte, Flup Marinus, Wide Vercnocke, Ester Vanhoutte, Shamisa Debroey, Charlotte Dumortier, Eliza Pepermans,… I don’t have all their names and photostreams, but jot these down, check them out, they’re great ♥

With love and expectation,