I ♥ Charlie!

Pixelpanda made a new animated gif in her Charlie Delta series! And I’m in it! Yay!

Answering all the big questions at night

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Awesome stuff is awesome.




When I came back from Barcelona last summer, I posted a picture I took of some cards I’d made and sent out to friends. Since I sent out the originals, the picture was all I had left to show – untill now!

I redid my six indie-animal-chicks with lazertits AND made them into some .gif’s for posting ^^ YAY (crowd goes wild) – you will be introduced to them over the next couple of days…

First one I’m introducing to you is ZORRITA (which means fox in Spanish, but also slut, so sorry for these blatant profanities in title).
She actually never even got to where I sent her, poor thing, so I hope at least somebody somewhere between Barcelona and Leuven found her and gave her a good home.

To the should-have-been-receiver : Here she is, in all her (!!! now half-ass animated !!!) glory, I’m sure she wishes she could have met you too –