My first try! Colours are still off and I still have to get used to this technique, but look, a boar!Image


Make stuff niceness

Last year my sister bought me a coupon for an art clay silver workshop for Christmas. Actually it was a gift from my lovely godchild Nena, but since she’s too small to actually shop… You know how it is – holidays.  I finally used it up this Saturday, turns out that art clay silver stuff is pretty awesome!
This here’s what I crafted :

antler pendantHooray for self made antler jewellery!

Side note : I was kind of ‘lucky’ the guy who assaulted and robbed me on Friday didn’t take out the coupon for this before throwing my wallet back in the street, that would have sucked many many balls, so thank you universe, for not being a complete dick. Also thank you instincts for making me run after that asshole screaming like a maniac. No thank yous though for the people who saw this all happening and did absolutely nothing to help me. You really could have made a difference, consider this.

Watching television

Yay! I finally put up a print I won a few weeks ago. It’s a piece entitled ‘watching television’ by Sien De Luyck, an excerpt from her master project ‘Het Geïrriteerde Hart’ (freely translated ‘A Heart Bothered’). I put it up with some old postcards I bought at a flea market. Thought they worked well together and I hope she can appreciate the new home I gave her print too ^^. You should really really check out her stuff – it’s wonderfully macabre/fluffy and so much more…