claviclesI broke one of these when I was three years old. Apparently I’m clumsy to the point where I would discard small aches and just run on ’till they would wear off. They told me it took a few days for me to tell my parents. My clavicles have been a bit crooked ever since.


Pimp my privy

In august, my housemates and I moved into a new place a few blocks over (I love my neighborhood too much to move too far away). Now that everybody is flocking back to the house with summer activities coming to an end it’s time to start giving this house a personal touch. I’ve done some basic stuff in my own room, but that’s nowhere near to coming together so I’m pretty much cosy camping with christmas lighting up there until I find the courage to put in my wooden floors.

In the meantime I finally took on the (pretty much nauseating, I’ll spare you the before-pictures) challenge of cleaning one of the bathrooms and thought that on top of cleanliness-at-last, it deserved some upgrading. So with my love for lettering surfacing after the painting I did for my father’s birthday I decided to tackle two problems at once :  alerting privy-visitors of the fact that this toilet tends to be a bit of an overenthusiastic in the flushing department and ooohhh to make it pretty too!


Aha, a porcelain throne worthy of its name!


INPAKT and more…



I made an art installation called INPAKT with Jean Sebastien Bernaert for the White Rabbit expo at OPEK (Openbaar Entrepot voor de Kunsten). This is what it looked like :



During the expo, we got interviewed by the cool people of CULT! for Radio Scorpio, which was pretty fun. Not only because I got to use my weird radio-voice, but also because I got to mention my lazertits and hereby made a fellow-artist blush. Gnah!

my White Rabbit

my white rabbit

ARTIST COLLABORATION FTW! I joined The White Rabbit, an artistic collaboration network founded by 4 very spunky and ambitious ladies. Fun assignment on the side – make your personal version of The White Rabbit logo! Cue draw naked lady – also tiny rabbits. Maybe lots of hair. Yes.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since we first got together and I’ve got some exciting projects waiting to be explored! I’ll keep you posted.

Love like rabbit ^^


What’s so great about being stuck?


What's so great about being stuck?

Right now I am this. While everyone is saying just to go for it and you’ll get there, you’re talented. I can’t figure out how. My creativity is a raging animal trapped in a vault. I’m trying to remember, but I keep getting the combination wrong (when the fuck did I change it). And I sit frozen under my chest listening at it’s flesh and bones bruising against thick metal casing. Even if it eventually opens, how’s it even going to look.

But look, shiny lights!


But look, shiny lights!

Tomorrow the holidays officially kick in for me – countdown to the first Christmas party, secret Santa included in 3, 2 ..
And this just in time for the world’s end, so double whammie! In the mean time, I hope you’re all cosy and snugly and loved and stuff, be it in a big over-the-knees sweater with a cup of hot tea and mistletoe in your hair or surrounded by people known and unknown, enjoying the beautiful stuff that is life.

I like.
Get warm xx