rain better suits the inside
connects me back to the physical realm
unfolds my skin to show tender foldings that evade sunshine
thin skin fearful of drying out and cracking open

I replenish in the wet night air

september 2018-ish



First time giving away an original drawing…


I conjure you
control the skies to show your mind
inject you under my skin I move you
around with the swaying of my hips


as you roll around my left thigh
and move up between my shoulder blades
I wonder how strong you feel me
out there

niet echt

en, helpt het
het schrappen van woorden

wist dat de gedachte aan het smal van mijn rug
de malste van het vel onder mijn ribben
van zijde gespannen over kneedbaar vlees

de richel van mijn heup geleidt nog steeds
naar warme dijen, billen, binnen, buik

is het kreunen uit mijn mond verstild
ik zilt zoet niet meer op het puntje van uw tong

juni of juli 2018



Revisiting old subjects. Still broken limbs, still not quite in proportion, still something I don’t really want to polish up too much. I draw these from the mind, mind you.

open me up

Dreamt up in July 2016, put to paper 18 months later.

These are part of a larger sequence (more to be drawn). Things about unfolding and caressing yourself, uncovering things that have been growing in your insides for a while.